Euro advance

The module advances to suppliers, EuroAdvance ®, integrated with the billing module and SAP and the document management system EURODOC ensure that analysts account properly carried out the processes involved and avoid incurring disadvantages such as:

  • Do not make the repayment and compensation of an advance.
  • Bill Pay 100% without discounting the advance.
  • Double counting of advances.
  • Manual search of claims data advances.
  • Disinformation in the process.

Its logistics operation has two steps:

1. Payment Request:

In this step the user applicant shall record the data filed with the application, once indexed image, the user will request approver who is notified in advance in your inbox Work Place and its internal e-mail after being approved will continue its flow to the area of payments.

All this in a fast and secure using the functionality of WorkFlow de SAP, without running the risk of misplacing the physical document and avoiding the most non-payment or other inconveniences that may occur.

2. Filing of documents

From this option the user with the role of buyer or warehouseman may indicate, if required to amortize the value at the time of receipt, HES or MIGO, then this in the invoice verification process analyst has amortized the value.

  • These processes are conducted in a fun way for the user because it uses the platform of document management system EURODOC, and that user will only have to click on specific icons for each process, thus avoiding having to memorize transactions, or set in your favorites.
  • EuroAdvance integrates processes MM and FI modules, including; request for payment, approving, Order, amortization and invoice verification.
  • EuroAdvance tracking keeps a history of dates, times, action taken, in charge of the task and electronic document generated, enabling effective control and facilitating payment accounting for advances related to each order, all from the SAP platform.
  • It also has multiple options for consultations or reports on issues concerning the management and / or processed in advances to suppliers, using a wide range of input parameters.