Euro travel

The Travel Management functionality of SAP FI-TV is integrated with the document management system EURODOC, hanks to this document management system EURODOC becomes the platform for management and monitoring of this process. Facilitates the management of each of the required procedures, including filling out the application, approvals, management of reserves, accounting for advance payments, payment of advances, expense reporting, accounting and reimbursement of expenses if necessary.

Travel Management operates the SAP WorkFlow module, which facilitates the passage through each of those responsible without physically contact each job, thus speeding document management system EURODOC Travel Management, stimulates and helps control management costs of travel.

Functionality and Integration

Because document management system EURODOC Travel Management is developed in ABAP and Workflow leverages the functionality of SAP ERP, you can integrate with the objects and processes of this important ERP thus facilitating the integration with the FI-TV module, CO and required infotypes HR module, thus avoiding the costs that companies incur other applications required for the implementation of interfaces with accounting modules (FI), (CO) cost centers to which charge the costs (HR) data passengers or employees, Proof Filing module and another module outside your ERP Workflow.