Euro Web

The natural evolution of the market has led employers to consider the ICT (information and communications) or mobility as a vital tool to achieve their business objectives, especially in relation to reducing costs and maximizing productivity, management and process information efficiently. What helps a proper relationship with customers and suppliers.

Currently, any company, regardless of size, is under strong pressure to increase productivity, reduce costs and provide quality service. Information Technologies and Communications (ICT) is an essential tool for these companies to improve their efficiency, quality products and services.

To promote and encourage their entry into the major world markets requires the implementation of these tools which is achieved by streamlining business processes.

With EuroMovile may make distinct and vital processes such as complaints and grievances, loyalty, approvals, etc.., Just as you can manage and audit everything related to real time sales, inventory management and shipment of goods to the various centers and warehouses, in short, by means of the features available in these modules can establish excellent relationships with customers and suppliers equally to audit and business intelligence reports provided.

Main features of the module of Sales

  • Taking orders
  • Product Inquiry
  • Accounts Receivable – Portfolio
  • News of the router
  • Creating change
  • Deliveries
  • Tracking GPS (Satellite – LBS)
  • Messaging
  • Creating credit notes
  • Forms of delivery
  • Management indicators
  • GPS for customers and routes
  • Security
  • Retail tracking
  • Monitoring and state activities
  • Test on customers, warehouse management and order materials
  • ERP Authorization Control
  • Production Order Control
  • Online Registration and Inventory Control (Mobile, RFID, bar code)
  • Planning, registration and control of warehouses
  • Business Intelligence reports for work and materials involved in the projects
  • Measurement, Geo-location and management variables
  • Floor Control
  • Telemetry: Digital Control, Home Automation, ISO 50001 Standard for energy measurement (measurement of energy consumption and gas installations, industrial, commercial and residential)
  • Inventory Control
  • Management Control: Bodegas. Traceability in the supply chain and supply and Agribusiness
  • Logistics
  • Scales
  • Industrial Planning, registration and timeline control in industrial processes or tasks (mobile)

Loyalty module features

  • Unification in a common platform for all loyalty campaigns with different shopping carts and different benefits (miles, points, enter others), and all processes, call center, redemption, liquidation campaigns.
  • Automation of complex business processes import sales, liquidation and others, reducing the time to incorporate new processes.
  • Follow each of the processes and correct assignment of benefits.
  • Robust technology platform and architecture, providing on-line process and instantly without having to wait long to see a result.
  • Reliability of information.
  • Content Management System aimed at managing relationships with users.
  • Integration with other tools (SAP – Dynamics, OS400, SIN-Enterprise, corporate data warehouse, CRM Business, ERP, business portals).